poly cutting board

poly cutting board

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If you want to add more storage and work space in your kitchen you can make it possible by setting up a kitchen island bar. It is a versatile kitchen featuring one and one half inch thick maple counter top that can make use of cutting surface and an eight inch drop leaf that will add workspace and can be folded conveniently when not in use.

The two maple slated shelves will allow you to display pots, store pans, position wine bottles and other decorative items into it. You may also add a drawer for utensils. The ideal height of an island is thirty six inches tall which is best for food preparation. It can serve as an attractive display in the hallway or dining room. The shelves have a distance of nine and one half inches, enough space for your pans, dishes, bowls, and pots. These shelves are most adjustable. ChoppingBlocks can help you improve your kitchen working space by offering quality cutting boards and accessories.

Most celebrity uses the products of John Boos and Company to set up their kitchen island bar. The company has offered quality craftsmanship and safety to all its products. It uses the best wood and steel in manufacturing process that only they can provide. Some of the kitchen item they sell includes cutting boards, stainless steel tables and commercial chopping blocks. It is the best choice when setting up an island.

Kitchen island bar also includes a Boos cream that uses to finish beeswax to protect the wood and to seal. The creams gets deeply into the wood that provides shinning barrier to lock in moisture and allows the board to be use as cutting surface. You can use this cream to maintain the surface amazing appearance. If you want to learn more in setting up your island bar you can visit some of the site that offers ways in installing your bar.

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