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John Heath Jewellers has 36 years experience of designing and retailing in the Jewellery industry. A Family owned and operated business with vision and quality, dedicated to bringing the finest products to our customers for every special occasion. A well trained team of sales personnel devoted to reliable customer service, are all part of of the shopping experience which has become the standard at John Heath Jewellers.

Mark Henry:
Discovered in Russia in 1830, Alexandrite was named in honor of Czar Alexander II at his coming of age celebration. One of the world’s rarest and most exotic gemstones, mysterious Alexandrite is prized for its natural ability to dramatically change color from vibrant mossy green in daylight, to alluring raspberry red in evening and incandescent light. A true miracle of nature!

TW Steel:
Proudly Dutch, TW Steel stands unique amongst its rivals concentrating exclusively on continuing to develop and lead the oversized watch market established with the introduction of its first collection in 2005. TW Steel, the name meaning “The Watch in Steel”, has firmly established itself as a big, bold, lifestyle brand. Its collections are reflective of, and available for all tastes and occasions without compromise to design or build. Successfully combining design and innovation, TW Steel offers a defined sense of individuality with style and quality assured.

Skagen was founded in 1989 by Henrik and Charlotte Jorst who, inspired by the small, seaside village of Skagen, Denmark, set out to create a design- driven company centered around the welcoming spirit of the city. The inspiring natural landscape and modern design sensibilities, coupled with an unmatched attention to detail, made the brand one-of-a-kind.

Not quite ready to leave paradise behind after your tropical hiatus? You don’t have to when you add a Parazul item to your collection. These bags, scarves and charms are inspired by the exotic destinations where they are sold, so you never have to take your toes out of the sand. The sound of rolling waves, tropical birds and pure relaxation will always be on your mind. Perfect for your next adventure, a weekend getaway to the islands or simply daydreaming about your paradise, these accessories are sure to leave those around you longing to escape with you.

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