Recently Added Listings

  • Grand Bahama Jewellers Factory

    Grand Bahama Jewellers Factory

    Home to the exclusive Marahlago larimar collection featuring the rare beauty of the Caribbean gemstone, larimar–a perfect island memento of your Grand Bahama vacation

  • John Heath Jewellers

    John Heath Jewellers

    John Heath Jewellers has 36 years experience of designing and retailing in the Jewellery industry. A Family owned and operated business with vision and quality, dedicated to bringing the finest products to our customers for every special occasion. A well trained team of sales personnel devoted to reliable customer service, are all part of of the shopping experience which has become the standard at John Heath Jewellers.

  • The Bahamas Collection

    The Bahamas Collection

    The only place on Grand Bahama Island to find unique and exotic Bahamian products made by Bahamians. Hand poured soy candles, island scented bath & body products, Bahamian scented perfume oils.



    Specializes in Mediterranean cuisine with American and Bahamian dishes with a Mediterranean flair. The menu has European breads and pastries, rotisserie meats, crepes and tapas.



    Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner on the patio or inside. Traditional Greek Cuisine, Bahamian Specialties and American Favorites.

  • Giovanni's Italian Restaurant

    Giovanni's Italian Restaurant

    Authentic Home made Italian dishes, the true flavor of Italy by Chef Giovanni. Serving lunch and dinner at Port Lucaya Market Place. Specializing in Italian cuisine and Bahamian dishes

  • UNEXSO's - Sun & Sea Outfitters Gift Shop

    UNEXSO's - Sun & Sea Outfitters Gift Shop

    our spacious retail store for your friends back home. The two-storey, newly-renovated store is fully stocked with dive gear and resort wear. While there, go down diving’s memory lane by paying a visit to our dive museum. The museum showcases the original equipment and artifacts



    The ultimate in fine dining featuring French and Continental cuisine, using the freshest ingredients and served in a sophisticated setting. Alfresco dining on the patio with a view of Port Lucaya Marina and the bandstand at Count Basie Square

  • The Dolphin Experience

    The Dolphin Experience

    Interact with dolphins in the natural environment of The Dolphin Experience lagoon. Choose from a variety of exciting dolphin Interactions: swim with the dolphins, dolphin close encounter, open ocean dolphin swim.

  • Underwater Explorers Society

    Underwater Explorers Society

    Conveniently located on the Port Lucaya Marina, the shopping Mecca of beautiful Freeport Grand Bahama, UNEXSO offers a wide variety of diving and dolphin experiences. The most popular is our dolphin swims, this is where you can swim and interact with the dolphins in a protected lagoon. You will enjoy a perfect mix of dolphin behaviors and relaxed swimming.