The pleasure of being pampered


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UñaSpa, is a place where you will find the relaxation and comfort you need, with highly trained staff and the best products from the island at the lowest price.
We specialize in the care of hands and feet. We have the service of normal manicure and pedicure and the Spa. Come and pamper yourself in one of our armchairs for Pedi spa, a massage for body and hydro massage and Chromo therapy for your feet. You can choose between a refreshing cucumber mask or a papaya for an incredible moisturizing feel in your hands and feet. We also have pedicure ice, which is special for tired feet, pedicure DETOX to eliminate all the toxins from the body and the Pedi paraffin wax with eucalyptus for smoothness and extraordinary freshness.
If what you want is to have amazing looking nails, we have the best products as gelish, O.P.I., Morgan Tylor and Guccio. Our highly trained staff make you incredible designs in natural or acrylic nails.
Also have hair removal service for women with different types of wax for all types of skins, with components such as honey, you tree and chocolate.
Our services:
Manicure spa
Spa pedicure
Acrylic nails
Hair removal

11 Ave. corner of 15th St. in Downtown Cozumel

Phone: 987-120-2840

Email: unaspacozumel@gmail.com